Strengthening Knowledge Transfer in Unconventional Resources with Shauna Noonan

Collecting technical information can be challenging, especially if those who have it are not willing or able to share it. In this episode, Shauna Noonan discusses effectively, proactively seeking out the technical knowledge that our members both need and that the industry requires to meet the world’s demand for oil and gas.

Each month, Shauna joins The SPE Podcast to discuss her President's Column and to share her SPE journey. We'll end each of these podcasts asking the audience an interactive question.

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From Shauna's March President's Column:

As an industry, we need to eliminate the mindset of “if it is not invented here, it won’t work.” We need to stop developing in geographical silos and become open to the potential that there may be lessons to learn from other basins around the world. We also need to stop operating in functional silos. The process of extracting hydrocarbons from complex reservoirs requires a relentless collaboration between operators, service providers, and members of the academic community. It is about more than just submitting papers to OnePetro in hopes that our members will find the content. We must hold events in these developing basins and proactively provide our members with the latest technology and applications to be successful.

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