SPE Talks To: Kirstie Boyle

Business Development VP Kirstie Boyle joins The SPE Podcast to talk startups. Recently part of a $4.5-million funding round, Kirstie discusses fine-tuning pitches, making complicated concepts relatable, options for spending investor money, entrepreneurial success stories, and why startups aren't for everyone.

Kirstie is a member of SPE's Women in Hydraulic Fracturing, a United Nations award-winner, a dock jumping competitor, and the VP of Business Development for Interface Fluidics, an SPE Startup Village Rising Star recipient. The startup features nanotechnology that, within just a few hours of testing, can tell an oil and gas company whether its chemical selection will increase yield, or damage the reservoir. 

More From Kirstie Boyle

Interface Fluidics: https://interfacefluidics.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kirstieboyle/

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