SPE Talks Tech: Real-time fracturing, pressure monitoring, and cube drilling

Trent Jacobs and Steve Rassenfoss cover emerging technology for the Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), SPE's flagship publication. With SPE Talks Tech, our writers debate and discuss the hottest topics in the technical arena of the oil and gas industry.

Correction: During the Podcast, Stephen Rassenfoss incorrectly named Kevin Raterman, the ConocoPhillips reservoir engineering advisor, who lead work at the company’s test site in the Eagle Ford, that did extensive research on hydraulically fractured reservoirs.

In this episode: US and Canadian shale are looking to move away from cookie-cutter fracturing, starting a big debate about how much customization can the sector practically do.

JPT: To “Right Size” Fractures, Producers Adopt Robust Monitoring and Custom Completions


In this episode: Using pressure monitoring to see what production in reservoir engineering really looks like.

JPT: To Spark Real-Time Revolution, Fracture Diagnostic Firms Partner Up and Innovate


In this episode: A technique being adopted across the Permian that may be falling short of expectations, Trent and Steve talk about cube developments.

JPT: “Dominator Project” Raises Key Questions About Future of Cube Drilling


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OnePetro: Post-Fracture Pressure Decay: A Novel (and Free) Stage-Level Assessment Method 


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